So Ryan Giggs and his wife bumped into the sister-in-law he had the eight-year affair with in the street (he didn't have an eight-year affair specifically in a street, but he might as well have) and they decided the mature, classy thing to do would be to have a scrap right there. In the street. The conversation - according to the purveyors of class, The Sun - went a little something like this:

*Giggs' wife Stacey breaks the deadlock telling Natasha: "You're nothing but a f***ing s**g."

* Giggs fires this volley at his ex: "Are you f***ing proud of yourself? I hope you got paid a lot."

* The United ace blasts: "Do you realise you've split up two families?'

* Natasha spits: "You'd already done that a long time ago."

* Giggs: "You realise I never cared about you, it was just sex to me."

* He shoots: "You didn't have to sell your story, you did it all for the money."

* He scores: "Did you honestly ever think I had feelings for you?"

* He rubs it in: "I know where part of your money's gone - on your new t*ts."

* Nat's defence is poor but with a couple of strikers up front she pulls one back: "Oh Ryan, it's really great to know that you're still playing happy families."

* Nat tweets later: "That awkward moment when u bump into the one person u never thought you would see again with his lapdog. Also referred to as 'the wife'.'

*And she adds: "Had a blazin' row in the street he is such a t*t!!!!!!!!"

And he paid for yours. Such is the cycle of classy life.