Last night, the GQ Gentlemen's Ball took place in New York and the guest list was pretty mediocre to be honest. I mean that from a completely selfish point of view, a P Diddy, or Bradley Cooper wouldn't have gone astray. Instead, you can ogle over Chris Brown (not that you'd want to), David Arquette (who needs a new tailor by the looks of things), Nick Cannon, Matthew Singer, award winning designer John Varvatos, Hurt Locker star Anthony Mackie, Montel Williams and his other half Tara Fowler (talking about punching above your weight) and Ashton Kutcher. Not liking the hair there Asho, a bit too school-boyish. Demi Moore, as always, looks great (I must admit, I've a bit of a girl crush on her) but the outfit looks a little Maid Marian esq, just a lot shorter.

Debbie Harry was there and coordinated herself to match the colour of the back drop perfectly with Shannen Doherty opting for a fab vintage looking number. Unfortunately, I can't seem to be able to dig up any juicy stories or funny photos for us to laugh at from the night itself. God damn these responsible celebrities.

-Alicia Coyle.