The odd time, we'll take a few chips and stick them inside our burger when we're feeling particularly cheeky, but even by our low standards this is a bit much. 

The Vulgar Chef has come up with a new heart-slowing, doctor-disapproved dish that finally binds together the burger and chips after so many years spent side by side. 

The French Fry Burger Bomb, as Kyle Marcoux (aka The Vulgar Chef) is calling it, is made up of a wad of skinny french fries wrapped around a burger that has been seared on both sides, with a couple of slices of cheese thrown in there for good measure. The whole lot is then lashed into the deep fat fryer, and we can already hear you cardiologist totting up his referral fees as we speak.

Pic via The Vulgar Chef

Look at it though. Some part of us, some strange, sick twisted part of us wants to try that. 

Pic via The Vulgar Chef

Via BroBible