The weather has been a key feature of the World Cup to date, and today's game in Recife looks like it might also be badly affected by adverse conditions. 

Players have complained about the heat and humidity, but the rain has yet to make much of an impact on the games, up until today perhaps, as the conditions for the game between Germany and the USA look fairly horrendous. 

The streets on the way to the stadium appear to be badly flooded, while it is hard to imagine the surface of the pitch has fared any better given the torrential downpours.





Of course, nothing can stop superfan Teddy Goalsevelt from seeing his beloved US Soccer team...



The game seems to be going ahead as planned for the moment, but if the weather gets any worse, they may be forced to postpone the game temporarily.



That outcome seems pretty unlikely at the moment, but the reports from the stadium suggest that it seems to be holding up ok. We would suggest that, given the conditions, it might not be the highest quality game we've seen so far this tournament, but that's just a hunch...

Via Yahoo! News