It's not even a month since Ireland passed the Marriage Equality Referendum Bill and we have our first engagement notice in the papers.

Although the bill has yet to be signed into law and enacted, gay couples across the land - and beyond - are making plans and organising dates for their big day.

This notice, which was published in today's Irish Times, is the first engagement notice between a gay couple since the vote was passed.

The tweet was corrected by an IT staff member, but the happy couple have been tweeting about the notice all day. 

Ah, bless. He's right, though, there's no backing out now. It's in the papers and everything.

Unless he fancies doing a Julia Roberts on it and running away at the last minute to live with Richard Gere.

Hey, it could happen. You don't know.

Regardless, it's great to see just how far we've come and what lies ahead for us all.

Fantastic stuff.


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