Last night's presidential debate was the third and final televised one where all six candidates battled it out for their place in the Aras from the 11th of November.

Well, that's it then. All of the side eyes and dirty digs are nearly done with, and the actual voting for the next Irish president is only a couple of days away. RTE's Prime Time presidential debate was hosted by David McCullagh last night, and over the 90 minutes the Irish public were, once again, out in their droves proving that we can make light of anything.

Here are the best tweets from you, that sum up the best bits from the night.


Author David McWilliams called it quits fairly early on:


Imagine the amount of time he'd have put into his costume:


The candidates were hovering around the Michael D Jet for quite a lot of the debate:


And the public don't really care that much:


WWN had some hot-off-the-press quotes:


We don't think this is the actual TD Pat Rabbitte... or is it?


A lot of people were commending McCullagh for his professionalism:


But then it all started to kick off - he put his pen down:


Poor Casey...


Our very own Brian Lloyd dropped a zinger:


She's about to call The Gardai:


Miriam for 2025?


There was about 20 seconds of Gaelige spoken in the 90 minutes:


Nobody put this question to the president:


When it started to creep over the 90 minute mark, people were beginning to run riot:


And we all started to get a bit tired about the whole thing:


And then, our savour, dropped this absolute bombshell:


Maybe next time: