The biggest boxing match of the year was, without a doubt, Mayweather v Pacquiao, and while it didn't live up to the hype, it certainly still made a hell of a lot of money. 

How much has been the subject of a number of number crunching articles in recent weeks and months, but according to ESPN, the (sort of) final figures are in and Floyd Mayweather now has a boatload of has to play around with. 

His share of the purse will be somewhere between $220-230 million, while the 60-40 split that was agreed upon beforehand means that Pacquiao will still get a healthy $150 million for his troubles. However, a big chunk of Manny's share will end up in the hands of Bob Arum, his promoter, but since Floyd handles his own business, all that money goes straight to him. 

The fight generated close to $600 million in total, making it the most lucrative boxing match of all time, which is broken down a bit by ESPN: "$72 million in ticket sales - which doesn't include a record $19 million in national closed-circuit revenue at more than 5,000 bars, restaurants and commercial establishments - and a record $6.9 million in closed-circuit revenue". 

For Floyd, that means he has generated $1.3 billion dollars in revenue as a result of his pay-per-view fights, making him the most successful of all time in that regard. That's just so much money we can't even grasp the concept of it. That's almost as much money as Greece was due to pay the IMF back earlier this week, so maybe they should take up boxing...