Hell, a probe landing on a comet was almost eclipsed by Kim Kardashian's bottom, so it's no wonder Bono's near death experience isn't getting the attention it clearly deserves... it's probably because it was a luggage door that fell off and not a passenger door.

The Independent are today reporting that a door fell of a jet he was travelling on - while it was airborne. The private jet, which was in the midst of a two-hour flight from Dublin to Berlin, when part of the plane came adrift and "fell from 8,000 feet in to the Brandenburg countryside."

A German airport official said: "To our knowledge, there was no danger of crashing (yes, but what about the poor cows?!)... The German Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Investigation has begun an investigation into the cause of the incident."

Someone speaking with The Daily Mail, however, had a slightly more dramatic take on events: "He was extremely lucky, the plane could have gone down... About an hour in to the journey they heard a big thud coming from the rear of the plane. When they landed they were horrified to learn that the compartment of the aeroplane has completely detached. The entire door, along with Bono and his companions’ luggage, had fallen out mid air. They don’t know if the door and the contents landed over water or land nut they were extremely lucky. They were at an altitude where anything could have happened and they are all feeling very lucky to be alive."