So far in the erics, over 50,000 votes have come in, so to say you're all eager to fight for your respective favourites of the year would be an understatement.

Beyoncé, Gwyneth Paltrow and Sofia Vergara are currently duking it out for Red Carpet Winner, and you all seem to feel equally strong about the Red Carpet Fails of both Tulisa and Nicki Minaj, with Angelina and her leg coming in close behind. Meanwhile the Bachelors currently fighting for top spot are a varied bunch, with Riyadh Khalaf, Rob Kearney, Robert Sheehan and Mick Flannery all in contention for the accolade. And as for Bachelorette, it looks like it'll be a scrap between Wallis Bird, Roz Purcell and Emma Quinlan for prime position.

In TV land, it's anyone's game with Moone Boy, Love/Hate, The Savage Eye, Irish Pictorial Weekly and Masterchef Ireland all neck and neck for Best Irish TV Show. Meanwhile Jean Byrne and Ryan Tubridy are facing off in Best TV Personality. Over in audio land, Brian Maher and Dara Quilty, KC and Sile Seoige are fighting for Raunchiest Radio Voice, Heathers and Delorentos are duelling for both Best Irish Music Act and Best Irish Album. Meanwhile The Boss is running away with the vote for Best Live Event, with Body & Soul and Electric Picnic nipping at his heels. Irish success is taking over Movie of the Year as well, with What Richard Did just ahead of The Dark Knight Rises.

Theatre & comedy are also seeing some vicious finger clicking, with well over 12,000 votes between the two categories alone. The Boys of Foley Street and Monster/Clock are still at loggerheads in the Best Theatrical Production battle, while Eric Lalor is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition in Stand Up Comedian. As always though, there's still a long time to go and anything can change in the next two weeks until polls close on the 9th of January. And after today, to make things more interesting, we're going to be hiding the results of the polls, so anything could happen and it really is all to play for. Happy Christmas, and happy clicking!