Having a phone that combines a camera, a map, a newspaper and a taxi rank really does make life easier. In fact, we'd go as far as to say it's probably one of the greatest things to happen in the 21st century. Unfortunately though, they also have one big downfall: battery life.

There's no worse feeling than when an occasion or an opportunity requires your phone to rise to the challenge. Then, when you go to get your phone, the empty battery symbol nightmarishly pops up right in front of you just before it dies.

It's happened to us enough times that we now walk around with a mild anxiety whenever our battery dips below 50% so we must remind ourselves that it could be worse. So here's that reminder, in list form, of the worst times you can lose power. We hope and pray you never have to live through one of these moments.

When you're running late for a date

Being late for anything without the ability to phone ahead and explain(grovel for forgiveness) is crap, but your mates, and even work will get over it. First dates on the other hand, well, "you only get one chance to make a first impression, and nobody wants to go out with a spanner who can't keep time".

Joyce said that you know..but you won't find it in any of his books!

When you randomly meet your favourite celeb

Selfies are acceptable in two circumstances, when you meet your favourite celebrity, and...well...OK, selfies are acceptable in one circumstance so, but when you finally work up the courage to ask for a photo, your phone dies, leaving you to A) stand there awkwardly in the hope they'll use their phone and send it on(actually happened to us once), or B) run around frantically trying to find a friend/good Samaritan who'll whip out a functioning phone. Time to start praying.

You've met "the one" on a night out but can't take their number

The way their brunette hair flops down from under that red knitted hat. The way that denim jacket hangs loosely off their shoulder. When you hear their accent and realise it's from South Africa and...sorry, got a bit too personal there. Anyway, whether it's the one, or just the one for that night, you don't want to have that awkward pause where you wait for them to ask for your number instead. What if it never comes? WHAT IF IT NEVER COMES?

When you're at a festival and you can't remember where your mates are camped

For us at least, finding friends at festivals is tough enough with a phone, so the last thing we need is to be thrown back into the 1800's and resort to walking around random campsites screaming "FIOOONNEEEEEHHH?".

When you're stuck in the middle of nowhere and trying to Hailo

The night/early morning has gone awry and you've somehow found yourself in unfamiliar territory. The place names on signs look like Pig Latin, and the directions coming out of the mouths of locals aren't much better. Who you gonna call? Hailo, of course, or you would have, if you hadn't spent all night blasting Spotify out of it at some house party. Have fun walking in some random direction in the hope of finding civilisation, you'll charge your phone properly next time.

Just as you come up with the best reply to someone on Twitter

They think they're so clever, with their words, and their GIF's, well I'll show them. No, you won't, you'll spend twenty minutes trying to find a charger, by which point you'll have forgotten your comeback, lost in the ether, and the only thing you'll be constantly reminded of that when others RT and Favourite their comment. IT WASN'T EVEN THAT FUNNY!

When you're right in the middle ordering a pizza

You're halfway through ordering one pizza with everything but anchovies, and another one with your favourite topping, anchovies, when the constant stream of "um hmm, um hmm, yep, um hmm" quickly stops. Has the pizza man finally realised he doesn't have to respond to every single word I'm saying? No, he's just not there anymore.

Your dog is being insanely cute but you can't video it

We don't have kids, so we assume they probably do some cute stuff too, but what we do have are dogs, and we know they're a constant source of 'awwwhs'. But us seeing them being adorable isn't enough, the world needs to know just how amazing they are, but our dead battery is stopping that from happening. Who knows what world problems could be solved if the internet could just see the way Mr. Suger Dunkerton jumps at the sound of his own farts.

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