We've long been firm believers that the Spaniards have it right when it comes to a siesta, and if you're planning on taking a nap today, here's the scientific guide to doing it right. 

Depending on what your aim is and how long you've got, you should try to restrict your sleep to certain windows of time that all have different effects on your body and brain. According to this handy guide, whether you've only got 10 minutes, or as long as 90 minutes, you can get some effective sleep in that  will help you to be more alert and less tired. 

In 10-20 minute bursts, you can get a boost in energy levels, while sleeping for a full 30 minutes will have similar effects, but you'll be a bit groggy after you wake up. Similarly 60 minutes can be a great help when it comes to remembering facts, faces and names, while 90 minutes will lead to improved memory and creativity, with less chance of a sleep hangover afterwards. 

We're off for a quick power nap, followed by a 90 minute burst, and sure then it'll be time for bed. 

Via Higher Perspective