Although it sounds like a poorly-written lyric from an Alanis Morissette song, it is unfortunately true. 

John Spinello, the man who created the board game Operation, which was probably in every household when we were kids, is in need of an operation, and it's one that he can't afford.

He requires oral surgery that would set him back $25,000 (€19,639), but given that he only ever made $500 off the game when he invented it back in 1965, he doesn't have the type of money available to afford the procedure.

Two of his friends, Tim Walsh and Peggy Brown, have set up a crowdfunding page to help raise the money, and they gave an update after they hit the $5,000 mark a little while back. 

As of the time of writing they have raised over $9,000 and with the added publicity that the campaign is getting, they can hopefully reach the total sum required. If you visit the site and want to help in someway, you can either make a small donation of just a few dollars, or send Spinello a letter saying how much you loved the game or have fond memories of it. 

Via The Verge. Main pic via Lloyd/Flickr