According to Mashable, the price companies will have to pay to secure a 30-second commercial slot during this season's Superbowl will be $5 million.

CBS chief executive, Les Moonves, announced the price during a quarterly earnings call on Wednesday yesterday, bumping up the price from last year's commercial cost, when NBC charged $4.5 million.

An increase may have been expected, bu the dramatic rise could potentially put off the companies behind the adverts, having already seen the cost skyrocket since 2013, when CBS charged $3.8 billion.

Obviously that's still a ridiculous figure for a advert at a commercial game, but such is the popularity of the game's commercials, they arguably have become as important to many fans as the match itself.

Moonves didn't seem too worried about scaring off potential customers, or about the threat of online advertising, and to be fair he has a good point. They're guaranteed a lot of eyes on those TV sets.

“Look, NBC got $4.5 million for a 30-second spot in the Super Bowl," Moonves said then. "Those dollars aren’t going to digital. They realize they want to get to 120 million people at once and that’s why broadcast will always be solid.”

Via Mashable