The cast of Corrie had their Christmas Party on Friday night, which appears to have been held on a board walk.

Surprisingly enough, considering he was written out of the soap a number of years ago, Keet Duffy was in attendance. Either he just can't let go, or they're writing him back in so he can tend bar in Peter's new pub and have an illicit liaison with Sunita.

Speaking of Peter, he was rather mischievous looking on the way in. Maybe he was considering having a cheeky tipple? Ah, John Thompson was also in attendance... Oh dear. Somewhere there's an empty wagon being driven by wee Simon and Ken Barlow.

Carla was chuffed she was recognised with her new fringe, like, uncharacteristically thrilled, while Becky tried out a fierce new lippy. And boots. And skirt. And jacket, come to think of it. Scarey.

Kevin, in the absence of Molly (WENN didn't get any pictures of demon features), wanted to warm his hands somewhere, while Carla decided to join in on what she thought was an impromptu burst of YMCA.

Tony and his eye (who appears to have dressed up for the evening with a bit of black liner), along with the other evil Tony from EastEnders, made a break from the clink for the occasion.

Graham came as a floating head; Roy looked fiercely dapper; Kirk made it his business to introduce himself to the most photographed man of the evening (seriously, he's everywhere); and - in the absence of sufficient hair - Gary fashioned his eyebrows into horns.

And as for this pair of keeeraayyzee kats... Craig must be back on the Charles.