Is there a better combination than free Coors Light and video games? We should think not.

After roaring success last year, the Coors Light Rocky Mountain Game is back, boasting bigger and better features than ever before!

There are daily prizes up for grabs for users who manage to navigate their way through the Rockies and with over 492 days and 13 hours of play clocked up last year (roughly a game played every seven seconds) there is sure to be plenty of interest again this time around.

There are a few upgrades coming for this year's edition however, as the game now boasts five levels (a few extra from last year), increased power ups and competitive leagues for mates.

Of course with over 8,000 prizes up for grabs every week, including pints and six packs of Coors Light, branded merchandise and adventure sports vouchers, there will be no shortage of reason to get involved and play, apart from the fact that you can also prove to your mates who the best tobogganist would be.

Thirsty winners can redeem their pint of Coors Light in pubs across Ireland. In addition, Coors Light will celebrate and reward players with additional prizes for reaching key Rocky Mountain Game Milestones over the 12 week game period.

With the warm weather, fans and friends can keep refreshed over the summer months too as winners will immediately be awarded an extra ‘mate’s pint’ on selected days which can be gifted via Facebook through the app.

The Coors Light Great Rocky Mountain Game app will be available on the iTunes and Google Play stores on the 11th of June and Coors Light fans can register on Facebook for their chance to win.