I read the following and immediately thought of 'Kellier', who kindly left a comment under yesterday's Winehouse-related-dirge. Not only has Amy's behaviour at Glastonbury got the backing of Michael Eavis (cracks me up every time), Jack White and Jay Z - she's also getting kudos from one James Gostelow, the person in the front row of her gig and thus at the receiving end of her elbow: "I saw a hat being thrown from behind me and it hit Amy's beehive. She looked down, saw me looking up, and her elbow went for me." According to various sources, James has no issue with being assaulted for no good reason and doesn't plan on taking things further: "At the end of the day it is all part of being at the front and being pushed by thousands of people. It is all part of the Glastonbury experience (the hippie forefathers will be chuffed to hear that). I'm just pleased I got to see her. She did a great act. Not everyone can say they have been hit by Amy Winehouse. I just want to shake (the hand of) the person who threw the hat." And I want to shake you, James. LOADS of people can say they've been hit by Amy Winehouse - you should hook up with the two dudes she headbutted a while back, perhaps you can have your own special fan club for those she's abused - YAY!

So what do you think? Are you in the 'Kellier' camp and believe no more Winehouse happenings should be regaled on this page? Or would you prefer to be updated on the sorry decline of a human being? I'll collate any comments left under this story and will decide the fate of any future Winehouse reporting on Friday.