Now, I could sit here and reminisce about our collective childhood experiences, lull you into a false sense of circus security, before hitting you with the news that there’s one coming to a town near you, or, actually, that’s a good tactic…let’s go with that.

We both know you haven’t been in ages, you can’t begin to imagine the smell, the excitement, the wonder, and unless you’ve had some unwanted pests, you’ve probably forgotten what the inside of an oversized, multi-coloured tent looks like.

And to be fair, at first we were a little apprehensive about going back to the circus, I mean, we’re all adults here, what’s changed in the past twenty years. Turns out, a lot, because “Tumble Circus” is a different kind of animal to what we grew up on.

It’s like a lion vs a cat, or a lion vs a dog, or a…wait, sorry, with all this talk of lions I may have got you excited. There’s actually not going to be any lions present, nor cats, and unfortunately no dogs either, but in their place there’s going to be some gravity defying trapeze artists, hula hoops, juggling, acrobatics and silk work, plus a little theatre and a lot of comedy thrown in for good measure.

Having already started the “Damn the Circus” tour of Ireland last month, they’ll be coming to Donegal, Dublin, Waterford and Galway in the next two months with their incredible two person show.

A winner Adelaide Fringe Festival, as well as more further nominations at the same event and the prestigious Perth Fringe World 2012, this touring circus is show isn’t just full of ooh’s and aah’s, there’s a lot of haha’s too, and if you want to part of those all you have to do is click here, for tickets.

And if you’re still not sold, you can head over to their website for even more info, or call 01 4627477 for tickets at the Civic Theatre, or 01 700 7000 for the box office at The Helix.

While we’re speaking of awards, we gave it a 4 and a half star review, we don’t just throw those around people, get on it, and book soon, tickets are flying off the stands, you won’t want to miss out.