Because the "hilarious" Christmas jumper was just not funny enough, you can now get the worst suit you'll ever own just in time for the holidays.

The Christmas jumper, despite our objections, has become gaudier and more kitsch to the point that it has lost all irony (yes, you hipster, you're just straight up legitimately wearing one now, and no one thinks it's subversive) and now is a bit of a laughing stock, so the Christmas fashionistas who used to enjoy a proper bit of festive decoration on their clobber have been wandering around, lost in the tragedy of it all. 

Until now, that is, when the Christmas suit has expanded beyond the realm of Amsterdam, where designer Oppo Suits are based, and has come to the attention of the wider world. This year, they have produced a range of truly awful suits that are sure to be worn on the 12 Pubs and beyond, unfortunately. 

They start at about £59.95 (€75), and while we have to say that there are definitely better uses for your money than this, we can't say for sure that you'd find a suit that will grab any more attention than one of these... 

Just make sure you and your mates get different ones.