The most charitable celebrities - i.e. those who give some of their massive wealth away to charitable causes - have been revealed.

The Sunday Times Giving List - due to be published in full next Sunday - yesterday gave a taster of the stars who gave most to charity during 2015, with Elton John, Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling and footballer David Beckham featuring prominently.

The list is ranked by the % of wealth given away in relation to each celebrity's earnings.

Elton John largely donated to his AIDS foundation, giving £26.8 million throughout 2015, while Rowling's £10.3 million in donations also centred on her own charity the Lumos Foundation as well as the Volant Charitable Trust.

Beckham gave £5 million to children's charities, while One Direction, members of Queen, Coldplay and Jamie Oliver also gave generously.

From the sporting world, Irish golfer Rory McIlroy also made the list.

All in all, The Sunday Times estimates that £266 billion was donated to UK charities in 2015.