Yes, that headline is factually correct before you go thinking this is Waterford Whispers or something.

The Canadian ambassador to Ireland, Kevin Vickers, believes that Glanmire House, in Ranelagh, is haunted - specifically, haunted by Padraig Pearse's restless spirit. In a detailed Facebook post that was picked up by CTV News, Ambassador Vickers explained that it all began when he was watching television one night. "I was sitting watching TV when all of a sudden I heard a heavy chain fall on the floor in the dining room. I immediately went there and there was nothing on the floor... A couple of weeks ago laying in my bed, I heard heavy footsteps coming up the stairs. And I could hear laboured breathing. I immediately went out to the hallway and nothing was there."

Vickers points out that, before he lived in Ireland, he never believed in ghosts - but has now said that the maid in the official residence will not even go up to the second floor of the house. Vickers' theory is that none other than Padraig Pearse, one of the leaders of the 1916 Rising, is haunting the house. Pearse lived in the house from 1902 to 1915, just a year before he would die in Kilmainham Gaol at the age of 36. The house, which was up for sale in 2005 for the princely sum of €5,100,000, has served as the residence of the Canadian Ambassador since 2008.

Prior to being named Ambassador to Ireland, Vickers was the Sergeant-at-Arms in the Canadian Parliament and was hailed as hero for his part in the 2014 Parliament Hill shooting incident. Vickers shot Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, the gunman in the attack, and was awarded the Order Of New Brunswick and the Star of Courage.

Moreover, Vickers has said that "(if) anyone doubts the validity of this story, you are welcome to come and stay a night or two here. Just now I heard an unusual bang downstairs."

You're grand, thanks Ambassador.