Burping is one of those skills that you can't readily put to good use - but if you can burp and burp loudly, it's quite the personal achievement.

What? It's totally an achievement. The breath control involved in burping that loudly is a skill in and of itself, not to mention being able to project your voice that way as well.

Neville Sharp, from Darwin, Northern Territory in Australia, has officially set the world record for the loudest burp by a human. Sharp's burp was measured and checked in a sound-proof room in Charles Darwin University, complete with a video recording and everything.

The current world record has been set at 109.9 decibels by an Englishman named Paul Dunn, however Sharp's record was set at 110.6 decibels. Let's put that into perspective real quick. A food blender is approximately 80 - 95 decibels whilst the average concert is around 120 decibels. Paul's is somewhere between them, approximately the same level as a car horn, a power-saw and a baby crying. That loud.


Despite all this, Sharp will still have to submit his record for testing to the Guinness World Records Society as his feat wasn't officially sanctioned by them. However, in his wife's eyes and those of Australia, Sharp's already a hero. "A Melbourne radio station is playing my burps... My wife actually woke me up at 5:30 this morning saying 'you're on telly'. It's gone off its head."

Remember, folks, 110.6 is the record to beat. Get cracking and don't make yourself sick.


Via YouTube