Super Bowl ads are dropping every day in the run up to the big game, and Budweiser are hoping that this lost, sad dog will be their ticket to success.

Set to the tune of a version of I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) by the Proclaimers that features much less of a Scottish accent than the original, the ad tells the story of a puppy who is best friends with a horse on a farm, and manages to get lost. His owner goes around trying to find him, and the horse is clearly distressed about the whole thing.

The puppy has a pretty rough time of it in the bad weather, before eventually coming face to face with a vicious wolf just as he's about to make it back home. The tension of it all, me nerves!

Last year, they also went for a dog theme with their 'puppy love' ad, and that was a pretty big hit, so this one may well also generate plenty of hype for them.

Advertising has really gone to the dogs, are we right?