This week sees the launch of, an new online resource that provides the best, most up-to-date exam preparation content for Leaving Cert students. With the CAO deadline date looming, which you may have noticed from all the colleges and universities plastering every avenue with adverts in the last few weeks (there were three full-on university ads in the cinema before one film recently. Three!), it got us all nostalgic for those times pre-Leaving Cert when your entire world was about that series of exams in June, and the things we are actually delighted to be seeing the back of.

Ridiculously expensive grinds: No matter how good you were, there was always room for improvement, which meant sitting in a dodgy room with other people who were equally unfamiliar with the subject (except for that one kid who knew everything and was there to get 600 points for Medicine in Trinity) and some chancer trying to make you learn better.

Aural tapes: The one bit of Irish we can all repeat verbatim. 'Leigh anois go curamach ar do scruid phaipear...'. Seriously, Pól was always down the bloody shops getting up to something. Dia dhuit, idiot.

Answering to a roll call: Having to wait for your name to be called and answering back in a very specific manner. Seriously, there was always that one teacher on a power trip who you had to say 'Anseo' to.

The Class-ism that is lunch: It's bad enough that in your teens you're being judged for your style, looks, smarts etc., but being judged on by the food you eat is the cruelest thing. So what if I don't have a panini? Some of us like 'hang sangwiches'.

But the best part? All of that is over, and no one even cares about it anymore. Onward and upward young folk!

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