How many times have you heard a snippet of a tune on the radio and been instantly transported back to a particular time and place?

Whether you're an obsessive music fan or not, certain songs have the ability to evoke memories of a special place and time – and that's never more true than when you're on holidays.

For that reason, we've made a playlist of the best holiday anthems – summer and otherwise - whether you've been sunning yourself on a beach in warmer climes, or been relaxing and enjoying yourself closer to home at some of Ireland's most beautiful holiday locations.

Oh, and apologies in advance for any earworms this list happens to induce.

Los Del Río – 'The Macarena'

We've got to start with a classic. Whether you actually went on holiday in 1995 (the year it was released – we feel old) or not, The Macarena was everywhere – as was its silly dance. Even twenty years later, it evokes that holiday glow - yes, even when heard in the depths of winter.

Las Ketchup – 'The Ketchup Song (Aserejé)'

Released in 2002, nobody actually knew what the words were – unless you spoke Spanish, of course. To everybody else, it went something like 'The hip, the hop, the boogaloo honnos honnos buggadi biggidy bee'. It's irrelevant, though; like the best holiday anthems, it's primarily about fun.


The Riptide Movement – 'All Works Out'

You don't have to envisage palm trees and white sands for that feelgood holiday factor; songs by our very own Riptide Movement are more than capable of uplifting, carefree holiday anthems. This track is currently soundtracking the Discover Ireland campaign, and with good reason: it's a track bustling with optimism and a happy-go-lucky vibe and is therefore a great holiday anthem.

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – 'Summertime'

Those of us old enough to remember Will Smith as a rapper called The Fresh Prince rather than one of Hollywood's most famous actors will undoubtedly have a soft spot for this tune. There's something about this laidback groove that puts you in holiday mode in nanoseconds.

Delorentos – 'Show Me Love'

Masters of melody, the third album by the four Dubliners – 'Night Becomes Light' – is an exercise in swoon some indiepop, and particularly this song. It's impossible not to get swept away by this massive chorus.

The Beach Boys – '
Surfin' USA'

You simply can't have a 'summer anthems' list without this song. Even if you've never been surfing – or to the USA, for that matter – the cheeriness of Messrs. Wilson and co. resonates across both the waves and the decades. There's plenty of incredible surfing on Ireland's Atlantic coast, FYI, but 'Surfin' Lahinch, Co. Clare' probably doesn't have the same ring to it.

Hozier –
'From Eden'

Brilliant, brutal and beautiful are three words to sum up Hozier's Choice Music Prize-nominated record – but this song, also nominated for Irish Song of the Yearm undoubtedly falls into the latter category. It's uplifting, thought-provoking and will sound great at festivals this year - or sung around a campfire in the beautiful wilds of Co. Kerry, if that's your bag.


Katy Perry – 'California Gurls'

On that same Californian tip, you've gotta have a bit of contemporary pop on your summer anthems list. This Katy Perry track embodies summertime for us, not least because we're visualising the topical island and dancing sharks at her recent SuperBowl halftime show.


Weezer – 'Island in the Sun'

Perhaps not the most obvious choice, but one that unquestionably deserves to be on a 'summer holiday songs' list. How could it not be, with lyrics like 'On an island in the sun, we'll be playing and having fun / And it makes me feel so fine I can't control my brain"? And the American indie rockers could easily be talking about Achill Island, y'know.

Heathers – '
Remember When'

Don't know about you, but this song – another gem previously used to soundtrack a Discover Ireland campaign – still makes us want to clamber up a mountain in Wicklow and roll around in the grass. For us, it conjures up such strong feelings of nostalgia around childhood holidays in Ireland, proving that the best summer holiday memories are often made close to home on our beautiful little island, rather than in some exotic, far-flung location.