The 'not a cell phone in sight' meme is still trending like crazy and everyone is loving it.

The full thread for the meme reads: "not a cell phone in sight. just living in the moment. absolutely beautiful, wish we could go back."

Tweeters have been using games, movies, TV series and more to inspire their their own memes. They all generally poke fun at the idea that times used to be better before all technological malarkey.

Check out our dozen or so favourites below (there were too many good'uns to narrow down!):













This may have been the one that inspired it all, and we had to include it for its wholesome nature.


After all the original message behind the thread was to experience life not through the lens of a mobile phone. There's truth in that, but then how could we enjoy these dank memes right now?

Shrug gif for not a cell phone in sight meme