Some celebs go for the bare minimum when it comes to spooky outfits. For others, it seems like they have been working on their costume for months (and have probably hired a small team to put it together).

After much consideration, here are ten of the best we've seen this year.

Lizzo - Baby Yoda

The popstar has previous when it comes to amazing costumes. But this year will not be topped as she dressed up as Grogu A.K.A Baby Yoda from 'The Mandalorian'. Iconic.

Harry Styles - Dorothy

A fashion icon in the truest sense of the word, Harry Styles isn't afraid to dress how he wants and this week he arrived on stage dressed as Dorothy from 'The Wizard of Oz'.

Lil Nas X - The Basketball Guy from 'Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide'

Another celeb who never misses a beat when it comes to his outfits. Lil Nas X also dressed up as a very convincing Lord Voldemort this year, but we had to go with this obscure outfit as his finest work.

Cardi B - Morticia Addams

Cardi B genuinely looks like she could star in a Morticia Addams standalone film that would actually be quite good.

Janelle Monae - The Grinch

Janelle Monae loves Halloween. Judging by her outfit this year, she also hates Christmas.

Trevor Noah - The Weeknd

Sometimes, you just can't go wrong with a recent pop-culture reference. Trevor Noah nails it as The Weeknd, specifically going for his weird Super Bowl halftime show performance.

Jade Thirlwall - Marge Simpson

Little Mix's Jade Thirlwall went for the classic Marge Simpson look with an added twist, Homer's severed head as a clutch.

Ariana Grande - Creature from the Black Lagoon

Not to pick favourites here but how incredible is this? From the outfit itself to the photoshoot, complete with the original aesthetic of the movie. Take a bow, Ariana.

Megan Thee Stallion - Pinhead

The cult classics were out in force this year. Megan Thee Stallion going for the 'Hellraiser' aesthetic.

Steve Buscemi - How do you do, fellow kids?

Can anyone do better than recreating your own meme? Probably not.