The debate that has ran through the country since the inception of public houses has finally been put to bed.

The Sky Bar Awards were held last night, and they've given us a definitive answer on the best boozer in the land. Langton's in Kilkenny,we know it all too well, took the top prize as bar of the year. If you want to know why it's held in such high regard, just wait for the Kilkenny hurlers' homecoming party, you'll get the idea.


Here's the breakdown of the rest of the awards.

Leinster Bar of the Year - Empire Bar - Dublin(Swords)
Munster Bar of the Year - Sober Lane - Cork
Connacht Bar of the Year - An Pucán - Galway
Innovative Bar of the Year - Söder + Ko - Dublin
Dublin Bar of the Year - Toners - Dublin
Nightclub of the Year - The Palace - Meath
Outside Space of the Year - Bridies Bar - Kilkenny 
Cocktail Bar of the Year - Vintage Cocktail Club - Dublin 
Local Bar of the Year - The Igo Inn - Dublin 

All lovely bars we're sure, but thankfully some of our favourite spots didn't make the list, which means two things. They're probably not as great as we think, but at least we're still going to be able to get to the bar there, something that probably won't happen in any of the above now that the word is out.