David and Victoria Beckham are one of the richest couples alive. Fact. I say this as they are worth an estimated £115 million, which is around €140 million. Jealous much? Of course, who wouldn't be, especially in these tough times that we are living in at the moment. I mean, most of you have either felt the brunt of the recession first hand, by loosing your job or getting a pay cut. If not, then lucky you, but you probably know someone who has been dealt this fate.

In celebville, well, it seems that they have some cosmic force that has managed to enclose them all into a little bubble, not allowing the economic down turn effect them in any way. The Beckhams are one such couple in said bubble. However, they have decided that if everyone else (meaning us normal plebs) are making cutbacks and tightening their belts, then it's only fair they do the same. The couple own a number of properties, or should I say mansions, in LA, Herts in England aka Beckingham Palace, France and Dubai. But Vicky drafted in their accountant to have a look at their finances and advise them on any necessary cutbacks.

According to The Sun today, the accountant told Victoria that there was no need to employ so many staff in each of their homes. A source rambled, "This very no-nonsense accountant gave it to Vic straight and said, 'You CAN afford to employ all of these people. But why the hell DO you?". So let's get to the point at hand, the poor people who now have to join THAT endless queue, to collect a dismal amount of cash each week.

After much thought it was decided to give the following the boot: Beckingham Palace let go a cleaner who worked there for eight years, and was replaced by cheaper foreign workers and the gardener must double up at the chauffeur. Over in France, six out of seven gardeners have been given the boot and two full-time design assistants elsewhere were served their papers. The source continued, "There has been a large downsize. David and Victoria are multi-millionaires but that doesn't mean they have to waste money - and they were haemorrhaging it."

Poor Victoria, I wonder does this mean she'll be pruning her own rose bushes from now on? But seriously, imagine if you were worth around 140 million squids, what would you do? I would buy an island, somewhere on the equator, build it up, make a whole new country and take in everyone that has lost their jobs (including those two dress designers, I'd need to look good ruling my wee empire) and give them a new life. All while sipping on a sex on the beach of course. Anyone fancy joining me???

-Alicia Coyle