Sir Bobs feels squeamish every time he thinks of the Beatles as he associates them with urine.

The 58-year-old is not the biggest fan of the legendary band because he thinks of pee when he hears their music after witnessing excited girls soiling themselves when they saw the Fab Four at a gig in the 60s.

The anti-poverty campaigner told Q Magazine: "It was a case of watching females in excelsis. The girls were p**ing themselves with excitement so I associate their music with the smell of urine."

That's mad! I associate your music with Live Aid; Christmas; the dank days of the 80s; chronic Monday mornings in Dun Laoghaire; that gig in Kilkenny when you arrived late and therefore we only got to see 40 minutes of Brian Ferry, the actual headline act; overprivileged offspring who can afford to call themselves journalists when all they do is loll about parties getting photographed; rats...