As the 'will she or won't she take him back' saga continues, I implore someone to get a copy of last week's Grazia magazine to Cheryl Cole. It'll be an arduous task given she's currently in Thailand (with Kimberly and Nicola in a £2k a night resort) trying to come to a decision (which today's Sun claims she's made) about her marriage. But it won't be a fruitless quest... it could change the lives of many misguided girls out there.

The article, which basically highlighted that being a WAG isn't quite as galmourous as painted, airs some frightening stories involving some unnamed married premiership players. It commenced quoting one footballer who said any girl who becomes a WAG knows cheating comes with the territory; it's the price you pay for the lifestyle. Now, this might apply to the likes of Coleen McLoughlin, a girl who's managed to hone her own empire through association with Wayne Rooney. Why else would she take him back after he was with a prostitute who was in fact a grandmother? Oh right, 'love', apologies... Don't respect and love go hand in hand? Married individuals who enjoy one night stands generally have little respect for themselves or their partner. In turn, it'd be hard to respect someone who's been so hard up for a fiddle they've paid a granny for the privilege. 

Cheryl, unlike countless other WAGs, isn't financially reliant on her husband. If she took him back, it would be due to that crazy little thing called 'love'. Can you really love someone who has no moral compass, puts your health in danger and pays off women he's too drunk to remember doing? True, everybody makes mistakes but only the inane make "mistakes" repeatedly. Which brings me to the people who are all too willing to facilitate these glorified ball-kickers. Beside a fuzzy picture of teenage girls waiting in line to enter a party filled with footballers, Grazia reported two stories which induced feelings of disgust fuelled panic. One involved a young girl who was spit-roasted by two well-known footballers and then thrown out of a moving car once finished with. Instead of feeling marginally violated, she reportedly "boasts" about what she deemed a conquest. I just let myself be desecrated by two married premiership footballers and nearly broke a limb in the process, I RAWK! The second story told of a 17-year-old girl who was seen in an alleyway, wobbling on her feet, attempting to cover her herself with a completely ripped skirt. As she did so, a married footballer threw a half-full can of beer at her from a moving vehicle, yelling a derogatory congratulatory. It was the man she'd just had sex with. Instead of feeling sick to the core, she picked up the can to retain as a keepsake and staggered back to receive cacophonic applause from her friends.

When did this degrading mutual exploitation become a coveted lifestyle? When did rampant disregard become acceptable? As the number of people favouring money and perceived stature over respecting themselves and others grows, it will take someone of the desired celebrity status to take a stand and say acting like dirt is not acceptable. No pressure there, Cheryl.