What you may not have realised (if you haven't been in New York lately) is that there was, in fact, an American Psycho musical on Broadway.

It looked pretty good and was the brainchild of Duncan Sheik, from the source material by Brett Easton Ellis - and obviously the film by Mary Harron, that featured a superb Christian Bale. The show starred Benjamin Walker who has headlined a couple of movies (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and The Choice) and it looked like a lot of fun.

Reviews were mixed and ultimately the show has, well, lost its bollocks. Deadline are saying that the entire up-front investment of $8.8 million has been lost. Ouch.

Broadway is an extremely competitive market and shows regularly close and lose money - while others hang around for years and become a cultural phenomenon - The Book of Mormon, CATS...

The show will have its last performance on June 5th - after just 81 performances.