Russia is currently beginning work on a proposed manned flight to the surface of the moon.

The cosmonauts - which are all female - will be the first people to walk on the moon since 1972's Apollo 17 mission and will be the first women to set foot on the moon as well.

The flight crew, made up of six Russian scientists and pilots, will be put into isolation for a period of eight days in a mock spacecraft to test their abilities and see if they can survive the cramped conditions and isolation successfully.

However, before they entered their mock spacecraft, the cosmonauts were subjected to some really dumb-ass questions from the press before they went in. Can you take a guess?

Make-up and men. Brilliant. But their responses were even more brilliant, in fairness.

Anna Kussmaul, one of the cosmonauts, said that "those who will take part in an experiment are not concerned there won't be any men in their crew."

"We are here to do our job and we don't have time to think about men... We are doing work. When you're doing your work, you don't think about men and women," Kussamul explained.

When asked how she'd cope without shampoo for eight days, Kussmaul replied with the kind of sarcasm that needs supercomputers to quantify. "I don’t know how we’ll survive without shampoo. Because even in this situation, we really want to stay looking pretty."