Craig, Matt, Stephen, and Dean from The Academic are ready to do an all-day takeover on tomorrow. And we can't wait to take a day off!

One of Ireland's biggest bands hailing from the Midlands are set to be plastered all over our website for one day only. That's right, you can join us this Thursday for our MASSIVE The Academic takeover.

Breaking onto the scene back with the stellar 'Bear Claws' back in 2017, the track has gone on to be streamed on Spotify nearly 19 million times worldwide. And not wanting to leave their fans waiting too long for brand new music, the band have just released a solid six-track EP, 'Acting My Age', at a time when we've been looking for some impressive summer vibes.

Anyway, in preparation for tomorrow's takeover, the lads have been busy working away behind the scenes writing articles, creating quizzes, and recording special videos all for your enjoyment. Here's a couple behind-the-scenes snaps of them working away in the offices.

In case you missed it, we caught up with lead singer Craig last week, who discussed the new EP with us recently.

Be sure to join us on and our Instagram page all day tomorrow for The Academic takeover.