It's a common question - if you could could invite ANYONE to a dinner party, who would it be? Well, we took this question very seriously and came up with ten answers. Here's our picks...


10. HANNIBAL LECTER from Red Dragon and Silence of the Lambs

Look, we get that he's a serial killer and that he eats people. BUT he's also ridiculously cultured, is a great cook (when it's not people he's cooking) and he's probably got tons of interesting dinner conversation. Plus, y'know, you could always rely on him to trot out that fft-ftt-ffft thing if you wanted a laugh.



9. JAMES BOND from Goldfinger and From Russia With Love

Daniel Craig might be buff as all hell but Sean Connery's Bond was, for our money, the best. Suave as hell and he's got that accent which is just built for intriguing dinner parties. Plus, if you're a super-villain bent on world domination, it's basically a given that you have to have him over to explain your plans before you meet an unfortunate and very exotic death.



8. DARTH VADER from The Empire Strikes Back

Seriously, how much of a boss was Darth Vader in The Empire Strikes Back? He captures Han Solo and the Princess as they're about to sit down to dinner. Casually crashes the party and totally messes up their dinner plans by being an asshat. Amazing.



7. SHERLOCK HOLMES from Sherlock Holmes

If for no other reason than he'd be able to do his all-encompassing perception thing where he'd be able to tell intricate details of your life from tiny pieces of information. And, y'know, he looks like Robert Downey Jr. So that's definitely worth an invite.



6. BRUCE WAYNE from The Dark Knight

He'd turn up in one of his amazing suits and some drop-dead ballerina-type on his arm and be all, "I own the place. Let's put tables together. Waiter! Bring me a a single plum, floating in perfume, served in a man's hat." And the waiting staff would just snap to it because he's Bruce Wayne. And, not only that, you'd imagine Bane or the Joker would turn up and try to wreck the place because they secretly know he's Batman. And then Batman's all, "I need your help, can you be Robin?" And then that's how we become Robin. Because we were at a dinner party with Bruce Wayne.



5. HARRY POTTER from, well, Harry Potter

"Here, Potter. What exactly is butter-beer? Is it like somebody threw a pound of butter into a pint glass? 'Cos that sounds disgusting." -- "You can do way better than that Weasley girl. Just sayin', like."  And so on...



4. JAY GATSBY from The Great Gatsby

"Here, Gatsby. Head down to the shop there and buy a bottle of wine or something. You're good for it, aren't you?" AND HE COMES BACK WITH THE ENTIRE SHOP.



3. THE XENOMORPH from Aliens

Plot twist - you're on the dinner party's menu.



2. PATRICK BATEMAN from American Psycho

Double plot-twist - he's planning on killing you after the meal is over. Would you like to hear the specials? Not unless you want to keep your spleen.




In a nutshell, we want to recreate the end credits scene from The Avengers. Plus, schwarma. What is it? Is it like kebabs or something? We like kebabs.


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