Following on from the revelation that people are being offered and undoubtedly will dress as Caitlyn Jenner and Cecil the Lion Killer, no matter how inappropriate it is, we figured we'd look ahead to the end of October and line up our predictions of the good, the bad and the downright ugly costumes that will no doubt plague the streets of Ireland come tomorrow night.

We're going to skip the god awful sexy outfits that will be everywhere, as well as your standard faux-muscle superhero costumes from The Avengers, Ant-Man etc. seeing as they've been around already (no more Minions. Ever. We've had enough now). These are all new entries into the pantheon of horror, both intentional and not, that is Halloween.

Here's our predictions for the Hallowinners and losers of 2015.


Motivational Shia LaBeouf

He may have deep-ended it in 2015 but that doesn't mean he's not going to be safe from becoming a Halloween costume that you'll see everywhere. It's also a relatively easy one, especially for he long-haired/dreaded men out there. Bonus points if they add in the Sia outfit to the mix.


Conor McGregors, everywhere...

With the abundance of beards and man buns, you just know there's going to be a flood of lads who A) think they're MMA fighters because they watched that one UFC match in Vegas and have all the gear despite the fact they only go to the gym to make them more V-shaped who want an excuse to have people marvel at their physiques and B) people who are lazy and think that wearing a suit and having a pony tail constitutes a costume. Avoid like the plague.


Jurassic World Pratt-keepers

The race to have the best dinosaur costume is on, and trust us there are plenty of options out there, so expect people dressed as Chris Pratt taming groups of raptors to be abundant this Halloween. Add in someone dressed as Bryce Dallas Howard (always in heels of course), the other dinosaurs and of course Margarita Guy.


The Dress

It melted heads then and it will melt them again. Bonus points to the creative soul who goes out there and actually makes a black and blue/white and gold gúna and runs around annoying the bejaysis out of everyone. Make it be reversible and keep changing it as the night goes on for maximum effect.


Inside Out

A good one for groups of five or six (although if you choose to dress up as Bing Bong be prepared for a night of people crying on you) this one is good for those who have dressed up as a pack of crayons and are fans of all over body paint. Just please don't try and make it sexy.


True Detective Season 2

Hey if it's possible to dress up as Joy or Sadness from 'Inside Out', it must be possible to dress up as Disappointment, right? Alternatively, you can just go full cowboy for Colin Farrell, business casual for Vince Vaughan, broody and brow-furrowed for both Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kitsch and then address the empty air as 'Stan', who we still are completely in the dark about because the season was such a hot mess.


Uptown Funk-ers

It's probably one of the more wholesome choices for a group of 'Lads Lads Lads' but that doesn't mean it's not going to be as annoying as fuuuuuuuu... The only way we'll find this acceptable is if there's a Sharks and Jets style showdown when two different groups dressed as Bruno Mars and co. cross paths.



They're nothing new by any means, but seeing as you can't move for emoji-riddled t-shirts, towels, bed sheets etc. this year, you can bet your ass there'll be emojis aplenty out there. If you have to be one, at least pick an obscure one. No one needs yet another Dramatic Red Dress Woman.


Mad Mad: Fury Road

Another one for the people who want to show off how much of gym-nut they are, there are going to be white painted muscled torsos a-go-go on the town this year, all screaming and making us wish the end of the world would actually come faster. The only excusable costume will be the flame-thrower guitar wielding maniac (because that was definitely one of the best moments of 2015 so far).


Sharks/Left Shark

If last year was all about the goat, this has been the year of the shark. Whether it be Left Shark, a duo dressed as Mick Fanning and the shark he punched while surfing or something out of Sharknado, fins are going to be a common sight on the streets of the country this Halloween, so if you're going to commit to having a fin, try and make it stand out.