After a nail-biting SIX MINUTES of injury time, Dublin have been crowned the winners of the All-Ireland Senior Football title and the Curse of '51 rages onwards.

While many will be analysing over Fitzsimmons' actions, it's safe to say that Mayo haven't come this close to victory in many, many years. It seemed like almost all of Twitter was out against Dublin, but in the end, they won it.

Such is life. Here's the ten best tweets during the match.

Maurice Deegan must be a huge fan of Dimmu Borgir or The Cure. Haven't seen that much black from a non-Goth.




You just know there was a moment there in injury time when the GAA Ruling Council discussed the possibility of a third replay.


This came from the official Dublin GAA account. Yes, really.


Maybe it's for good luck? Who knows.


They just don't do GAA scraps like they used to anymore.


For anyone watching this for the first time, this might seem like the actual game. (It is.)


Years later, it's revealed that Maurice Deegan time-travelled back to Foxford and pointed out the Mayo team to the priest who cursed them, thus making it a self-fulfilling prophecy. WAKE UP, SHEEPLE, DON'T YOU SEE?


Watching this match = cardio exercises for the next week and a half.


It wasn't Dublin versus Mayo, it was Dublin versus the rest of the country.