The child actress, who lets not forget was once drafted in to play Rosie O'Donnell in her youth, recently said: "I just did Speed Racer. There's a lot of action and fighting. I really got into it. Ever since then I want to be an action star. I'm too small to be a reasonable action star. But I can be a spy, because it's good to be small if you're a spy. Because I can fit into small spaces. I also want to play a cop. I also wanna have that uniform." OK, Christina, before you start telling us what other tricks you can do a la Black Snake Moan, if you're that hard up for work just give Natalie Portman a bell - she's turning down jobs you'd obviously kill for having just been offered a Jet Li directed kung-fu adaptation of Snow White. Seriously. Natalie said: "It (that'd be the movie) exists and it was offered. I'm not planning to do it. It is a fantastic idea. They should do kung-fu versions of every fairytale." You should totally give Natalie a shout, that way she could've been all like "Yep, FANTASTIC idea but I'm still not doing it... hey, why not give Ricci a call, she's made herself shrink so small she could play a ninja dwarf!"