Someone is brown-nosing and brown-nosing hard, as Simon Cowell has bought Cheryl Cole the title of Lady for her 30th birthday. Lady Gaga will be raging.

Simon, who you'll remember famously fell out with the former Girls Aloud singer when he sacked her from the US version of 'The X Factor' after she made just three appearances in 2011, has purchased Cole some land in the Scottish Highlands which comes complete with the title. Did anyone else just go to a Harry Potter/Professor McGonagall place, with Cheryl spending the rest of her days swooshing around a castle? Just us? Okay.

According to The Sun: 'Simon had the deeds for the land and the details of her new title delivered to where Cheryl was staying.'

The information was sent to Cheryl in Las Vegas, where she saw in the milestone with her boyfriend Tre Holloway and two of her Girls Aloud besties, Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh, on Saturday night.

Simon's generosity comes after he was accused of snubbing her birthday celebrations, and as a result the 53-year-old star took to his Twitter account to reveal he was unable to attend the event due to filming commitments and insists the pair are now 'close friends' again.

He wrote:

Next year we hope he buys here a dragon. Because if anyone could make that happen, we're pretty sure it'd be Simon Cowell.