Yes. That is some feaaaarce wind you're experiencing. And spare a thought for those on the westside of the country, because Kerry, Galway, Donegal, Galway, Sligo, Mayo, Sligo, and Clare are the ones with the actual weather warning. Everywhere else is just got a bad case of wind. 

According to Met Eireann, the western counties are expected to experiencing southerly gusts of up to 100km/h. Still, it's not all bad. 

As for the temperatures, well, they're not all that bad. So, every cloud. Met Eireann's Joan Blackburn, speaking via The Independent: "It's a very unsettled period of weather and we are likely to have strong winds at times, and there will be bands of heavy rain at times as well... There will be yellow wind warnings in operation at times over the next number of days, especially for south-western, western and northern counties. The Atlantic coastal counties will probably get the worst of the winds, particularly the west and the north-west."

Of course, as per usual, the Jet Stream - which is meant to be up around Iceland usually - has paid us a visit again. Blackburn adds: "These balmier conditions are caused by the jet stream which is currently "right down under us. It's milder than normal for the time of year and temperatures some days will be between 12C and 14C, and even up to 15C. The reason it's mild is that our winds are coming from a south-west direction. But they are bringing plenty of rain, they are strong. Really, over the next number of days, it is likely to be windy at times, there will be some warnings... There will be lulls and there will be periods of strong winds."

As for the risk of flooding: "With wet weather for five or six days, well then accumulatively you are probably going to end up with an increased risk of local flooding."

Right, Irish winter, LET'S BE HAVING YA"