We absolutely love Total Wipeout, so when news reached us that an event was taking place in Dublin, we were pretty ecstatic.

The event, titled 'Total Wipeout Tour: Dublin' amassed almost 50,000 interested parties, with the event becoming hugely viral on Facebook in a matter of days.

Here's a quick screengrab of the event itself.

Although the event claims it has no ties to BBC or Total Wipeout officially, it's using its name and a layout taken directly from the hit TV show.

Not only that, other events have popped up in British cities, including Leeds, Sheffield and Plymouth, that claim to be of a similar nature. Just yesterday, the Facebook event page posted a rather innocuous-looking form and asked people for private details, including your name, date of birth and your e-mail address.

The event has been with some skepticism and it's pretty easy to see why. These hoax events crop up on Facebook every so often, including one that supposedly had a rooftop cinema somewhere in Dublin. Rooftop cinema. Outdoor. In Dublin? Good luck with that one.

Early in 2015, a raft of Wipeout University Tour events cropped up on Facebook, claiming that the events were to be held across various college campuses in England, Ireland and Scotland. However, a little bit of investigation found that the events were being run by shady marketing companies to gather data for mailing lists.

We've contacted the event organisers for comments but, naturally, haven't heard anything back. Basically, be careful about giving your details out to pages like this.