And there was I fretting 'cause I hadn't managed to get the usual celebrity gossip up as yet (as I said, it's just one of my many, many daily tasks)... As it happens, there's sweet beggering all to report on.

We have a rehashing of yesterday's Rihanna Leaves Stringfellows non-story. And Katy Perry wearing a British phone box on her boobs.

We'll start with Rihanna. Apparently she was quite frisky while enjoying the strippers on Wednesday night. The papers are reporting that she got a scolding off the bouncers for manhandling the dancers. She enjoyed one so much she followed the urge to thrust her head into one of their groins. Erotic.

"Rihanna couldn't resist paying for a dance and loved watching the girls in action. Bouncers weren't happy as she was repeatedly touching them, ignoring all warnings. At one point she thrust her head between the legs of one of the dancers."

To quote the Mirror's 3am Girls: "She got a little carried away though and is said to have stuck her head between one of the women's legs - which aside from sounding very unhygienic and not in the slightest bit sexy, sounds a sort of awkward for both parties."

Couldn't have put it better myself. Especially since I'm ragingly hungover today. Did I mention there was a free bar at the Threesome premiere?

And on to the second part of today's pressing news; Katy Perry wore a British phone box on her boobs. Much like Katy B did last week.

I'm not sure how much more excitement I can deal with.