Apologies, I would've had this up yesterday had I not had a half day booked off, the cheek of me.

Here is the "revamped" morning schedule for 2FM, and it would appear my feelings regarding Colm Hayes falling in love with his morning lie ins have rang true. That and he probably thought he was of an age whereby wind ups and fart jokes were beyond him.

"Hector O hEochagain has been revealed as the host of an all-new breakfast show which will be broadcast live each morning from Galway between 7am and 9am. He will begin his show on October 4th with Ruth Scott sitting in the breakfast chair in the interim. The rest of the new schedule, which begins next Monday, will then see Ryan Tubridy on air on RTE 2fm between 9am and 11am and he will be followed by Colm Hayes who will man the phone-lines from 11am. The Golden Hour with Larry Gogan remains in the 1pm slot and is followed by Rick O'Shea between 2pm and 4.30pm. Will Leahy takes over in evening slot until 7pm and is followed by Dave Fanning, Jenny Huston and then Dan Hegarty. Jenny Greene is on Fridays from 7pm and is followed by The Spring Sessions. A couple of new 2fm weekend pairings have also been announced with Lucy Kennedy and Baz Ashmawy hosting a weekend breakfast show between 7am and 10am and Ruth Scott and Paddy McKenna teaming up for an afternoon show."

OK. Hector, fair play to you, especially wangling it so you can continue to broadcast from Galway. Surely the hyperactive banter will have people propelled out of their pits at a rate of knots... Although, considering Ruth Scott is filling in before your start date, you've hardly got a hard act to follow. Tubridy gets his two hour "Ryan Line" show, no news there; then Colm Hayes saunters in for two hours of more phone ins. Great. The man who is, at this point, seriously embodying the term Golden Hour, returns yet again, then the rest is as per the norm as far as I can see - apart from a little extra Fanning, and the "new weekend pairings." Paddy McKenna and Ruth Scott, can I please, and as for Lucky Kennedy and Baz Ashmawy... well, there's a pairing made in burbling mediocrity.

It's a strange world when one of, if not the, funniest person in RTE gets shafted (there are rumours that Jim-Jim is returning to FM104...), while certain folk get their own show. Baz I can kind of get, but I'd like to know who in there is insistent on ramming Lucky Kennedy down an assortment of our cranial cavities? She has two TV shows due to air this coming season, and now a radio show. Is it just me that finds her inoffensively innocuous yet offensively talentless? Am I just mad/bitter/other, or does she deserve the amount of work thrown her way?! She's a nice girl in person, with an open penchant for discussing bodily functions, but that for me is where the allure starts and ends...