We may be burnt-out husks of human beings who have long since given up the idea of romance, but apparently there's people out there who still believe.

Young Galwegian Jamie Kelly was on a flight and sat beside Canadian Katie Moreau. Naturally, the two struck up conversation and, as these things go, had a grand 'oul time.

The Canadian girl had been travelling through Europe and was more than happy to finally to chat to a fellow English speaker.

However, when the two reached their airport, they both went their separate ways. Or so it would seem.

Jamie Kelly took to the airwaves and started a national campaign to track Katie, eventually enlisting Twitter to help her.

The hashtag #loveatfirstflight was used in order to find Katie and, surprisingly, her friends back in Canada picked up on it.

Katie has since said that she's been chatting to Jamie since then and plans to meet finally at some stage in the coming week.


We give it a month. Long-distance relationships never work. BOOM.

via CBC.ca