You may have seen the header image shared on the likes of Daily Mail, The Sun and Metro.

In case it wasn't obvious already, the image is completely and utterly fake. How do we know that? Pretty simple, actually. We tracked the image to a Facebook page called Zambian Watch, which originally posted the image on March 1st.

The image claimed that there was a ghost in the sky above the Mukuba Mall in Kitwe, Zambia and that eyewitnesses on the scene either ran away in horror, fell to their knees and prayed - but only one person took a picture of the ghostly image.

The image was then picked up by Daily Mail and Metro, who ran the image and used the same quotes from Zambian Watch.

Daily Mail


The Sun

What's interesting is that people from Zambia - including some who were actually at the Mukuba Mall on the day in question - didn't recall seeing the image and made this point in the comments below the original Facebook post where Daily Mail and Metro took their story from. Moreover, one commenter even pointed out that pretty much everyone would have their phones out and taking pictures of such an event.

Not only that, residents of Kitwe - where this event occurred - are claiming that they're only seeing this image on Facebook and that no-one saw the event take place on the day in question.

It's also worth pointing out that Wikipedia just recently announced that it was no longer using Daily Mail as a reliable source for information or citation.

Any guesses why?


Via Facebook / Metro / Daily Mail / The Sun