It's not even three days and we think we've hit our most WTF story of 2015.

Several months ago, a man with two penises became an Internet sensation when he had a public AMA (Ask Me Anything) session that quickly became viral.

He was featured on Rolling Stone, has received countless offers for interviews (and porn, obviously) but has steadfastly refused as he wants to keep his identity secret.

He's basically a superhero with a secret identity. But his super-power is having two willies.

His popularity has hit such a height that he's only gone out and released a memoir, entitled "Double-Header: My Life With Two Penises".

That's a catchy title.

In it, he explains how his life has been affected by having two penises, how it's affected his sexuality and how he pees (one of the penises has an opening, apparently).

If you fancy picking up a copy, you can buy it on Amazon.

Just don't get caught reading it in public.

Or maybe, no - do read it in public. Let people know you're weird. Wear it proudly and stuff.