Remember way back when there was all this talk of cheese aid? Did everyone else not think it was a massive joke/slap in the face? Because it turns out it's actually real.

Above is a sample of the EU 'cheese mountain' being gifted out to the needy around the country (this one from Cork), a one kilo brick of Cheddar emblazoned with the ole starry blue flag that now stands as a reminder of the oppressors creditors now calling the shots in the running of our country. Are we supposed to celebrate? Hey everyone, we're getting kilos of cheese, let's have a massive wine & cheese party. Except, oh yes, you hiked up the price of wine didn't you. 

At least it's fresh, although it was described as being 'quite young' by a cheese expert we asked, who went on to recommend that we leave it a while. Like February a while. So cheers EU, thanks for the cheese we can't even eat yet. And worst part is we can't even sell it on. At least we now have the raw materials for the cheese crib we always dreamed of.