With the recent spate of mass-shootings in America, you'd have to wonder why laws such as this are allowed.

In fact, you'd have to wonder why there aren't any kind of strict gun control laws in general, never mind open-carry laws and whatever else that goes on over there. Texas A&M, the oldest university in the state, is just one of the colleges in Texas that has adopted the Campus-Carry law.

Essentially, students will be allowed carry guns with them around campus, provided it's done so openly and isn't concealed. Some students feel that the state legislation, which has to be enforced, will create an unsafe environment.

What's more puzzling, however, is the college's own internal rules. According to Texas A&M's dorm rules and regulations, "propelling devices, such as rockets, catapults, slingshots, Nerf-type guns or any homemade device for the purpose of launching an object, are prohibited."

So you can carry an actual, working handgun with you everywhere, but God help you if you've got a Nerf-Gun on you.



Via DailyKos.com