Although people might discredit those who claim to have been abducted by aliens, it's still a common occurrence and is widely reported to doctors, psychologists and news outlets across the world.

However, one neurologist in Hawai'i has discovered a pattern amongst his patients who claim they've experienced an alien abduction.

Dr. Michael B. Russo has used a DEEG, short for dense-array electroencephalography, to map the electrical brainwaves of patients claiming they've been taken away on a flying saucer and been subjected to probing.

In his research, he's found a common link between each patient - almost all had a pattern that's consistent with someone who's suffered a traumatic brain injury, particularly in the parietal lobe.

"That’s the area that does visual and auditory integration into higher order thinking," he said.

"The parietal areas process visual and auditory data, but they can intrinsically create it themselves and then send it to the pre-frontal region, where you become aware of it."

Despite this similarity, Dr. Russo doesn't necessarily buy into the idea of alien abductions.

"Patients would not come to me if I did not take them seriously and their problems seriously. I don’t discount what they’ve said. I try to make the pain or discomfort or anxieties diminish."

It's crazy stuff, sure, but when you see this kind of pattern, it'll make you question some things.

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