As most of us are looking down the barrel of a bleak January where we desperately try to stick to our resolutions, it looks like Tesco have plans to remove sweets from the checkouts to try and help us out.

The supermarket chain announced that they would be making the move in May of last year, but they will begin to implement sweet-free checkouts this month across their 148 stores in Ireland. The move comes as a result of shoppers saying that they find it hard to not grab a little chocolate bar here or there, and that kids are particularly likely to pester parents in to getting them a treat when at the checkouts. Strange, it's almost as if that's what they want us to do...

Anyway, a recent survey by watchdog Safefood showed that 47% of shoppers find junk food at the tills hard to resist, while 32% admit that they do tend to grab something while they wait in line. However, the possible cause behind the move from Tesco's point of view as the stat that showed that 29% of shoppers were more likely to go to a shop if they knew that there would be a sweet-free checkout so that they can avoid all the hassle that comes with that.

While the move has been welcomed as one that will help people to make healthier choices, Tesco don't plan to leave the shelves empty and will instead be stocking some healthy snacks there instead that will replace the sweets.

Via The Journal. Main pic via WIlliam Hook/Flickr