One always wonders how many people approve these things before they go to print.

Tesco has apologised after they misnamed a fancy dress costume for the new movie Black Panther.

Given the film has been such a major hit and heavily publicised, many took to Twitter to question how such a mistake could have been made.

The costume was described on Tesco's website as being for the film “Dark Panther” and Tweeters were having none of it.

Mind you while some were quick to point out what a ‘fail’ it was, others saw it as a genuine mistake. Still others suggested that it may be a part of a clever marketing ploy, which is certainly one theory:

A Tesco spokesperson said: "This was a mistake and we are extremely sorry for any offence caused."

"We have corrected the description of this product on our website and are reviewing our processes to ensure this doesn’t happen again."